Diesel Generators (L4)

Major Maintenance of Diesel Generators (L4)

ELECTROMOTORES performs all types of maintenance works on thermal generators with high levels of quality, performance, and efficiency. Major Maintenance projects (L4) are executed on a turnkey basis, allowing plant personnel to perform other tasks while the generator is serviced on site. The services include the Design and Manufacture of the structural tooling and accessories for removing the rotor and reassembly of the machine. Complete logistics includes the supply of hydraulic equipment, cranes or hoists as required.

Unit Electromechanical Inspection, including but not limited to:

  • Air gaps, Core, Laminations
  • Stator windings, Field windings and Excitation windings
  • Insulation system and corona protection
  • Bearings, tolerances, and mechanical fits
  • RTDs
  • Exitation Diodes

Maintenance and Rehabilitation:

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Drying at controlled temperature
  • Repair and Renew areas showing corona activity (Partial Discharge)
  • Recovery of deteriorated insulation areas using special materials developed for operation in tropical environments
  • Certification Tests
  • Installing of L4 spare components kit Prior to project start up

ELECTROMOTORES meets with the end user to go over the details of the service, the scheduled dates, and comprehensive time window available for on-site work. The Customer will receive, along with the Technical- Economic Proposal, a comprehensive Project Chart that integrates all activities and the times required for executing every task.